Student Devices

All students in grades 7 and 8 currently have their own school-issued devices. This is the only device that students in grades 7 and 8 may use in school. All junior-high students should become experts with their devices and have them charged and ready for use, at all times. These school-issued devices provide teachers greater ability to monitor and safeguard usage than personal devices do, which is particularly important for students as they are learning to use these devices appropriately in class.

As you may be aware, students in grade 9 are also issued a school device. We strongly recommend that high school students use school-issued devices, but will allow students in grades 9-12 to use personal devices. We believe students should be offered more freedom as they age, but no student or parent should feel the need to purchase a device because of this email. We support the use of school-issued devices for the following reasons:

  • School-issued devices are sufficient to support students’ needs in all of their classes.
  • Personal devices are very expensive. We do not want any devices to be damaged or stolen at school.
  • If a computer is permitted on an assessment, the computer used needs to be a school-issued computer. Students should have familiarity with a device before using it on an assessment.
  • Our technology team is only permitted to address technology issues on school-issued devices.